Ok, I didn’t write this but I laughed so hard I had to re-post.  Hope everyone has an EXCELLENT New Year!

CNN.com just posted this bullshit article about the Ten Worst Phrases To Use In The Office.

Here’s their list:

1. Pick your brain

2. Throw it against the wall and see what sticks

3. Sweat equity

4. It’s not rocket science

5. The ball’s in your court

6. Drill down

7. I, personally

8. Quite unique

9. Past history

10. Urgent

I’d like like to note that none of these phrases are really that bad or offensive in anyway.

I am upset that the lazy yellow journalists at CNN neglected to include any expressions that could truly get you into hot water around the water cooler.

Here’s my list of the Ten Actual Worst Phrases To Use At The Office:

1. I’d like to pick your brain with my boner

2. I’ll pay for half of your abortion if afterward we can throw it against the wall and see what sticks

3. Any of you queers heading over to that new gay bar, Sweat Equity, after work

4. Reverse cowboy on top of the copier machine is a tricky move to pull off, but it’s not rocket science

5. The ball’s in your court, but I wish both of mine were on your chin

6. Hey, put that drill down and come over here and jerk me off behind this cement mixer

7. I, personally think that the UPS delivery guy has very nice, suckable tits

8. Cindy in accounting’s vagina’s smell is quite unique; it’s a mix between bacon and tapioca pudding

9. Don’t let my past history of peeing in your coffee every morning keep you from adding me on Facebook

10. I’m in urgent need of nobody finding out that I just took a runny shit on the break room floor

CNN gets it wrong yet again.

Courtesy of:  http://elizabethplaid.tumblr.com/post/289628849/another-incredibly-inaccurate-cnn-com-news-article-that


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