So, the apartment I moved into when I carted my life back to Madison is really beautiful, but it was built in the 1920s. Which means NO CLOSET SPACE.
I’ve managed to meticulously use the space I do have by being hyper-organized (read: compulsive) and also folding my clothes into postage-stamp sized squares which I then pile onto shelves.
My apartment is streamlined and neat on the surface, but it requires that a lot of things be jammed into tiny closets and piled under the bed.  An equal and opposite chaos has also been brewing in my basement storage space, which is where I’ve been shoving just about everything that wouldn’t fit for the last six months. 

Behold, my equivalent of Monica's closet!

Here you can see some monstrous tupperware containers of Christmas crap, myriad boxes from the move, a space heater, a fan, an antique school desk that doesn’t fit in my apartment…  There really isn’t that much stuff, but it’s so poorly organized that I can no longer get into the storage space in order to hide more crap.  So, this week, I am embarking on what will surely be a harrowing adventure in home organization, and I am going to make this space functional.  Instead of, you know…a complete shit show.  Here’s what I would like to use my storage unit for:

  • A staging area for laundry
  • An arts and crafts room where I can paint without asphyxiating people with turpentine fumes
  • Organized storage of all holiday crap and miscellaneous collections
  • Storage for canned goods and other stuff I buy in bulk (like the quatrizillion rolls of TP pictured above)

I would call this a New Year’s Resolution, but since I just wrote about what an epic FAIL last year’s resolutions were on my other blog, I think I’ll just let this one be a project.  And we’ll see how it goes!  Are any of you tackling something big in the New Year?


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  2. joanimals says:

    That is EXACTLY what my basement looked like a few months ago (minus the perching felines on every surface). I made my own trip to Tar-jay, though, and have now enclosed just about everything in pleasing plastic boxes: contained chaos and clutter. The problem that I have is much the same as yours–limited storage space within my actual living area–but what I find is that whenever I fix one area (the basement) the clutter just ends up migrating somewhere else (currently, the garage).

    oh well. Wish that I could join you and the Goddess!

  3. Kirsey says:

    That storage closet is really not that bad! I have seen entire houses that are 100 times worse, I feel like you are going to organize it into a laundry/crafts/storage unit in no time. Those projects are always best when accompanied by a good friend, a loud boom box, and some wine! Best of luck, and don’t forget to send out AFTER photos!

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