Now I know I have a difficult name, KIRSTEN (sounds like Ker-sten, rhymes with worsten or thursten or bursten: pretty sure I just made all those words up, but you get the idea), it’s a tricky one.  People often mistake it for Kjersten or Krisin or Kristine or Krissy (I’m not making that last one up, I seriously got called it last week).  Since I’ve had this name [problem] my whole life, I’ve gotten over the mispronunciations thrown my way, I don’t even necessarily hear people say it wrong anymore (Krissy caught me off-gaurd however!).   I hear a Kristin and I turn in that direction just in case.  Honestly, people get it wrong more than they get it right.

There is one small thing that does drive me crazy, I must say it’s one of my bigger pet peeves: when people respond to an e-mail that has my e-mail signature at the bottom of it that clearly states the correct spelling of my name, however they neglect to spell it right in their response.

My signature:

Kirsten Meehan

Project Manager

mobile 612.282.0715

When an e-mail has that in the conclusion, I mean my e-mail address even spells my name in it, how can you respond with a “Hi Kristin, thanks for your e-mails.”?  And I’m not getting this from just anyone, this client yesterday was a personal injury attorney, shouldn’t they be paying attention to peoples’ names in that they represent people with odd names everyday?  How about a salesperson who wrote me last week hoping to get some of my business but wrote, “Thanks Kristine” at the conclusion of her sales pitch…let’s just say I won’t be buying.

Basically people are totally oblivious, and even after 28 years of hearing it wrong, it still doesn’t mean people should SPELL it wrong!


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  1. ebats says:

    oh, dude…
    that is uncalled for! I am totally with you on this one (not that my name gets butchered all that much…well, the first name anyway); I always try to copy paste from an e-mail signature if someone’s name is odd. But isn’t that just common courtesy? to actually READ the person’s name before you write back to them???

    i always think about these things when people are having kids and talking baby names…at the very least, you’ll be really sensitive about picking a name when it comes to YOUR kid!

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