My love for baked goods borders on the stalkerish:  if the object of my affection were a cookie, I would train a telescope on his house as a romantic gesture, climb into his window to watch him sleep, keep a notebook annotating his daily routine.  Basically, if it involves butter, sugar, and flour, I just don’t know when to quit. 

I’ll admit I thought I was going to be punching my weight when we all got together this weekend to sample the new designer cupcake line from Clasen’s Bakery in Middleton, WI, where our dear friend L is one of the pastry chefs (remember L?  She taught us how to make anthropomorphic cake).  We came armed with cheap champagne, board games, and note cards so we could give L some feedback, and I was foolish enough to think this was going to be a fun jaunt down sugar-shock lane in the name of science.

OMG WAS I WRONG.    This wasn’t a cute little skip-to-my-loo adventure, this was a full-on endurance test.  I pretty much blacked out from the sensory overload, because these cupcakes?  THESE CUPCAKES WERE TOTALLY LEGIT.  The buttercream was thick and rich, and–get this– tasted like BUTTER.  And you know how adorable cupcakes are often more adorable than they are delicious?  Or how they are sometimes covered with a scrumptious tower of frosting, but the cake is kinda…meh? 

These cupcakes did no such thing.  The cake was so delicious–particularly for the Key Lime Cupcake– that I almost didn’t care about the frosting.  Almost.  The cake was moist and rich and buttery (yeah.  I’m pretty sure we all ate at least a stick of butter apiece.  Probably more like two or three), the frosting was not too sweet, and the cake : frosting  ratio was just right.

I gotta say, if you’re in Madison, you have to drive the few miles to Clasen’s and buy yourself a cupcake (or six).  They are pricey (we were working with a February 2-for-1 promo, plus L’s discount), but WORTH IT.  That is, if your heart doesn’t stop while you are eating them.

The cupcake parade, before we fell upon them with ravenous gluttony. Pictured: Coconut, Chocolate-and-Vanilla, Banana Brown Sugar, Banana Split, Carrot Cake, Red Velvet, Key Lime, Chocolate Cherry Cream Cheese....

The ceremonial disrobing of the Chocolate and Cherry-Cream Cheese Cupcake, which was a big favorite

The Red Velvet Cupcake...was marvelous. We started cutting everything in quarters so we could taste everything before we died of diabetic shock

You can SEE the butter, can't you?

Classic chocolate and vanilla, and the table littered with empty papers

Our host's dog, Ralph, knows there is a flavur somewheres...

THERE IT IS! Under the cupcake table! Ralph licked the floor for approximately an hour. I considered joining him.


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  2. kirsey says:

    My mouth is out of control salivating, those look amazing and it’s nice to hear they taste that way too. I’ve been to too many cupcake store where the actual cupcake is awful and I leave disapointed and broke! I’m heading to Madison for the Crazy Legs race come end of April and plan to make a stop at this bakery…perhaps you’d like to meet up for a drink or a cupcake (WARNING…my entire crazy family will be in town as well!).

  3. ebats says:

    ooh! what weekend is that? If I’m in town, we should def get together 🙂

  4. kirsey says:

    It is the weekend of April 23-25. We are staying at Inn on the Park, right on the loop. Keep me posted if you’re in town, that would be a blast!

  5. ebats says:

    crap salad. I’m going to Baltimore and Newark that weekend for a bunch of readings– so bummed!

    But GOOD LUCK! Which race are you running??? post pictures please!

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