There is so much noise right now – angry people about the healthcare bill, people complaining that the government doesn’t move fast enough to fix all of our problems, righteous politicians in California already battling it out on television for the gubernatorial race in NOVEMBER. This notion of instant gratification, fueled by high-speed internet and having everything immediately within reach is turning this country into a short fused and intolerant mob.

What happened to the virtue of patience?  

These are the days when I want to pack up everything I own and move to a secluded cabin and retreat from everything. Live off the land as best I can and spend my mornings drinking tea on my porch watching the sky turn from dark to light.


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  1. Kirsey says:

    AMEN! It’s like this health care bill is like the next Civil Rights Movement of our generation. I’ve never seen so much hate and disgust over something that is aiming to do good…we need our Rosa Parks and MLK Jr. If you hit up that cabin, please give me the address so I can come visit!

  2. ebats says:

    wow. you managed to sum up my internal state over this whole mess perfectly– I’ve been so anxious the past couple days after reading various articles on the internet and all the npr / news yammering.

    i was really hopeful when the bill passed, and now i am just tense and afraid. makes me think, jeez, this must be what those monkeys in overpopulated captivity feel like right before they go shit-flinging nuts and eat each other.

  3. leDeb says:

    Tense and afraid indeed! On the news this morning, Democratic office windows were smashed and destroyed because they voted “yes” on the healthcare bill. Violence over this?!? I feel as though it’s not even about the health of the people any more, but instead they are disagreeing just to disagree. I cannot wrap my head around it.

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