And, in that vein, I’m just posting an email I wrote because she said I should’ve put this on le Juice.

I had a tumultuous morning dealing with moving, being in NYC, and miscellaneous annoyances. My dad, in an effort to placate me told me about a program that he just watched about Joan Baez. Apparently Ms. Baez, at the height of her career, was so overwhelmed by celebrity she had a hard time leaving her house. Often times in concert she’d leave the stage for 5-10 minutes during the middle of a song and splash cold water on her face. She’d come back and pick up exactly where she left off–in the middle of the song. She said that after a few minutes the audience seemed to forget she had ever left to regroup.

Anyway, the point of all this rambling is that, for me and I believe most people, we forget the benefits of the proverbial splashing of water and that we do indeed have time to chill out. That regardless of what path we’re on, it’s the right one, and that even if things feel like they’re moving too fast or too slow, it’s the right pace.

This point was further accentuated, for me, by a poem on the Writer’s Almanac this a.m. (read especially the last two lines)

I really needed to hear this today so I thought I’d share. Oh, and Bill Wither’s Lovely Day is playing as I finish this email….

Lots of love



by Thomas R. Smith

It’s like so many other things in life
to which you must say no or yes.
So you take your car to the new mechanic.
Sometimes the best thing to do is trust.

The package left with the disreputable-looking
clerk, the check gulped by the night deposit,
the envelope passed by dozens of strangers—
all show up at their intended destinations.

The theft that could have happened doesn’t.
Wind finally gets where it was going
through the snowy trees, and the river, even
when frozen, arrives at the right place.

And sometimes you sense how faithfully your life
is delivered, even though you can’t read the address.


2 responses »

  1. ebats says:

    oh, Stephtacular. I miss you. And that sonnet is gorgeous. You’re lovely and amazing and you are headed for great things (and not in the “terrible, yes, but great” Voldemort sense!)
    You’re a tough cookie. And you know so much stuff I wish I knew (how to work a room, how to sell art, how to be fabulous). And you’re in New York– no matter what is messy or needs work, you are in a place where everything is possible. And that place…that place also has KICKASS pizza.


  2. Kirsey says:

    ebats couldn’t be more right! About you being lovely and amazing and that NYC has kickass pizza!

    Life is a strange thing, we all just have to play it out as best we can, and if there is anyone who can steer their odds one way or another, it’s you…that is certain.

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