from Party America <>
reply-to Party America <>
to StephOh
date Tue, Apr 13, 2010 at 4:28 PM
subject Order 553300 is on its way!
hide details 4:28 PM (18 hours ago)
Hello Steph,

The following order was processed today and will ship via UPS Ground.

Order number: 553300

Shipping to:



Qty  Product Code – Product Name                         Status
1    58319 – Skeleton Costume Adult                      shipped
Carrier: UPS


6 responses »

  1. Kirsey says:

    WHAT THE HELL!!!!! Are you ordering your Halloween costume early? And if you are, how did you decide to be the scariest skeleton I’ve ever seen! Were you high and drunk or just drunk…I’m looking for the reasoning here.

  2. leDeb says:

    This. Is. Amazing.

  3. leDeb says:

    Although, now that I spend more time thinking about this – I’m curious as to what sparked this search in the first place. Or have you always wanted a full body skeleton suit?

  4. Kirsey says:

    Answers! We need some answers! And have you received this yet? Have you worn it out the the bars of NYC to scare the living SHITE out of people?

  5. Heather Rist says:

    OH MY GOD!!! LOL – can you wear this the next time I see you!

  6. steph says:

    What happens on Amazon stays on Amazon.

    Btw, this costume would only fit someone Abby’s size. Order fail.

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