I remember the days when I’d break out my coloring book and Crayola crayons and set up shop next to my American Girl Kirsten doll, and just color.  I’d make sure that I stayed in the lines the best I could, and with each coloring session I got better and better.  By the time I’d reach the end of the coloring book, I’d be slightly ashamed of the first page and reveling with pride at the last page. 

I look back and think about my crayon box, I think I had maybe 20 colors?  I don’t really remember other than thinking, WOW this is a lot of colors!  I recently found this and couldn’t believe what I saw!  That’s how many colors Crayola has now.  If I thought I had plenty of colors back in the 80’s, what do the kids of today think? 

I remember being told, “Less is More” and today all I feel with media and outside influences is that, “More is not nearly enough.”  MORE, MORE, MORE.  BIGGER, BETTER, MORE!  I think this coloring is an example of that…I mean who needs this many colors?  How can kids even choose which crayon to pick up?  What ever happened to simplicity…in COLORING…or in life?


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