I leave for my very first trip to Europe in less than 5 days.  It gets me so excited for travel, but at the same time, the anticipation before leaving pumps me up so much, I almost don’t want to go for fear that it will be gone when I get back!  When I went to Thailand back in November 2009, we spend so much time chatting about what we were going to do and eat and buy and when we got back, it was so great to remember the good times, but it was sort of sad that the build-up was over!

I’m hoping I can almost bottle the anticipation and ride that through the summer, who knows the next time I’ll be leaving the country, but I want to remember the feeling in case it doesn’t happen for a good while.

Mediteranean Cruise Itinerary (not to make anyone jealous, but this explains the anticipation even more)

Oh yeah, then my husband and I go to Paris for a few days…I am spoiled I know…but you gotta do it!

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  1. ebats says:

    Kirsey! This trip looks like so much fun– I’m jealous, but I hope you’ll bring us back some pics, too 🙂

    Which destination do you think you are most jazzed about? I want to see Barcelona so bad…

    have FUN! xoxo eb

  2. kirsey says:

    I’ll bring back pics for sure, that will be one large blog post! I think I am most jazzed about Rome, we are taking a bus into the city then have 6 solid hours of touring the Collosium, Pantheon and the Vatican (SP???), but I’m also super excited to see Pompeii at the Naples port. It’s all a little overwhelming, can’t wait for food in Barcelona, I’ll come back a poor, fat person!

    Follow up soon to come.

  3. Sarah Bennett says:

    Kirst! Amazing itinerary! I studied abroad in “Barca” and it is just fantastic. You should definitely check out: Parc Guell, my favorite street is called “Passeig la Gracia”…its like the 5th Avenue of Barcelona with great restaurants and shops, the Gracia neighborhood is really young and fun, Mount Tibidabo, the Barcelona Cathedral, the Barcelona Zoo, and La Sagrada Familia. If you have for day trips you guys should check out “Sitges”…awesome little beach town about 45 minutes away by train or Monserrat…a beautiful monestary that you take up by gondola. Love Nice, Florence and Rome too…Rome is definitely my favorite! Such good pizza:) Of course that is my favorite thing in Italy! Have sooo much fun! xoxo, Bennett:)

  4. […] case anyone doesn’t remember, I recently took a trip to Europe with my husband and immediate family.  The voyage was a huge success and we are riding […]

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