I am not fashion forward – or even remotely creative in my outfits. I’ll point to one of Rock Juice’s own, Steph, as my own style icon. I attribute my run-of-the-mill style mostly to my budget, but also because I’m kind of lazy and I don’t want to spend a million hours rooting through bargain bins for that thrift store find of the millennium. That being said – I tend to devour blogs about fashion – namely The Sartorialist (which I would never have found had it not been for another fashion forward fancy, Mo, of Just Say Maux.)

I love this blog for a million reasons – sometimes I even print out the pictures and pretend that I’ll try and find an outfit that closely resembles the ensemble.

I also love this blog for this reason:

I’m moving to Milan where I will track him down so he can fall hopelessly and unconditionally in love with me.

Happy Friday!


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