In case anyone doesn’t remember, I recently took a trip to Europe with my husband and immediate family.  The voyage was a huge success and we are riding out the “no more vacation days for 8 months” high as best we can.  Totally worth it!

I’d have to say, we traveled to a lot of places for a limited amount of time at each spot, but Barcelona was certainly among my favorites for sure.   Las Ramblas is an adorable touristy street, with well, see photo below.  You can’t help but enjoy yourself!  But be sure to have plenty of Euros, that street is a tourist trap and therefore EXTREMELY expensive.

Sangria mugs as big as my head, maybe bigger

It also was pretty surreal to be in a city that hosted the Olympics.  Most of the venues were fairly run-down, but to imagine the Olympic divers and runners in their respective events, next to the main Olympic torch, you couldn’t help but feel a small part of history.  And this was after the airline lost our luggage, we were still happy beyond belief!

Olympic Torch next to the Country Flags

Olympic Athlete footprints throughout the walkways to the stadium


It really isn’t just the Olympic vibe that gets you excited about Barcelona, it is a wonderful little city, surrounded by these huge parks on either side of it giving stunning views, with a bustling “5th Ave” type street or a quaint little side-street with adorable shops.  There are of course phenomenal churches to view, just as every European city has, but it has a uniqueness that we couldn’t really match to the other places we traveled to. Granted, we were able to stay 3 whole nights in one place, so perhaps our view was skewed, but I’d recommend a visit if anyone has an inkling!

Only thing that would have been better is if we would have stayed an extra couple of weeks to see Spain win the World Cup.  I’m sure the country was buzzing out of control in excitement!


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